Due to my own personal experiences and opportunities over the years I have developed an interest in the cause, effects and therapies for Addictions, Compulsive Behaviours, Anxiety, Self-Esteem and Confidence issues.

This can be a particularly challenging area of work but the effects on people's lives suffering from these issues are often far reaching. Personal relationships with partners, friends and family often become involved. Work and social interactions can also be placed under severe strain.

Clients often approach me with a mosaic of two or more of the issues above which maintain and contribute to their unhappiness.

My approach is a client centred, holistic one. I work with the whole person using a range of therapies underpinned by hypnotherapy to expose those foundations of their unwanted behaviour and to erode the negative effect and grip this has on their day to day lives.

I will help you to design and implement modified beliefs and behaviours that will help you move forward with new and improved ways of thinking. Individually written and recorded hypnotherapy scripts and one to one support between sessions is available if required.

Due to the nature of this work some clients may require multiple sessions, others much less. This service is designed as a wholly bespoke therapy programme with a clear indication of the financial investment required by the client at the outset.

Places for specialist therapy is limited and our suitability to work together towards a successful positive outcome is discussed during the free initial appointment.

You have nothing to loose at this stage but potentially everything to gain so please contact me where with your permission and at your pace we can begin to make those changes for a better, happier, healthy you.


Become a True Non Smoker


 Moving on from smoking?

2 sessions for £150. Contact me to book your course.

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