"From the moment I met Martin at his consulting room I felt at ease. We sat for over an hour discussing my anxiety problem completely free of charge and unhurried. He offered me his option and the likely cost for the therapy. It was a truly structured supported journey through his programme. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin." - Sam March, Cambs June 2016

"Meeting Martin changed so many aspects of my life" - Pam Brandon, Suffolk June 2016

"The scripts Martin had written and recorded especially for me made all the difference to the quality of my hypnotherapy" - Paul Earith, Cambs Sept 2016

"Martin taught me techniques I will use for a long time to come" - James Cambridge Aug 2016

"A friendly professional service, we talked, we laughed and cried a little. Thank you so much." - Julie Cottenham, Cambs May 2016

"My job requires me to undertake public speaking. I would suffer massive anxiety and panic attacks before any event which prevented me from communicating effectively. That's now all in the past. Now I actually look forward to this aspect of my work. I throughly recommend Martins service" - Lawrence Ely, Cambs July 2016

"It took me a while to find someone I could open up to with my sensitive issue. Martin was approachable and helped me to share my history and find closure. We can't erase the past but he taught me how to live with it." - Angie Newmarket, Suffolk October 2016

"Anxiety had taken away my freedom. I was a prisoner in my own home. Martin's approach worked for me. He worked with me and my husband and together the three of us climbed the mountain and put the 'bully' back in the box. I now enjoy more freedom and can take day trips out with my children to the park and seaside. I feel I'm on the winning side and continue to work with Martin to achieve my goal of a short holiday with my family in the future." Thank you. - Sandra Soham, Cambs Sept 2016

"Martin's addiction programme worked for me. Over the weeks he used a mixture of therapies to complement each other which supported me through the change to a position where I was back in control. At times it was very difficult but he was only a phone call or text away when I needed help. This guy worked hard and supported me every step of the way. It was a big change from despair to just completing my first 5 km run." - Ian Newmarket, Suffolk July 2016

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